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Head-Up Displays (HUDs) are widely valued by pilots to improve flight operations safety.   AsterAidTM was born to support General Aviation (GA) pilots during instrumental navigation and landing flight phases (based on radio navigation systems), particularly in low-visibility conditions. AsterAidTM is designed to depict guidance indications derived from radio navigation systems directly on the aircraft windshield forward view by means of extremely intuitive graphics at a very cheap price, even on CS-23 Easa class planes (Certification design started).

The development of AsterAidTM was continued in bosom of project General And Light Aviation Head-up Display (GALAHD) which has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 736588. The main achievements of project GALAHD are shortly illustrated in this link to GALAHD timeline.


AsterAvia in collaboration with pilot Davide Aldini ( developed a web map allowing pilots to get up-to-date weather and visibility conditions based on weather webcams, recent flight pictures and flight track logs shared by general aviation pilots and providing connection among pilots flying in the same area in order to make easier information exchange. To take a look to the map just click on this link to skyBook website and enjoy the sky tour on our real-time map!


AsterAvia worked with Dronsystems Limited in bosom of SESAR U-space demonstrator EuroDRONE – A European UTM testbed for U-space on the development of Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) back-end, drone flight computer and website front-end. The EuroDRONE demonstration tested U-space functionalities in Missolonghi, Greece, connecting various stakeholders (operators, regulators, law enforcement agencies, product developers) and different systems in a unified environment. Its architecture is made up of cloud software (DroNav) and hardware (transponder) to be installed on drones. It is a sophisticated self-learning system based on software and hardware elements, operating in a distributed computing environment, offering multiple levels of redundancy, fail-safe algorithms for conflict prevention/resolution and assets management.

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