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Exhibition at Airbus Business Days in Hamburg

January 2018

AsterAvia takes part to Airbus Business Days taking place in Hamburg.

Partnership with Globavia

September 2016

Globavia joins the consortium for the execution of Phase II of Small-Medium Enterprise Instrument (SMEI) of Horizon 2020 (H2020) programme.

Grant Agreement of Phase 1 of SMEI H2020 programme

August 2016

AsterAvia signs the grant agreement for phase 1 of Small-Medium Enterprise Instrument (SMEI) Horizon 2020 (H2020) research and innovation programme.

Flight Tests at Molinella Airport

July 2015

Flight tests are executed using a motor glider taking off from Molinella Airport.

Flight Tests in Reggio Emilia Airport

June 2015

The first patent related with a visualisation solution used in the project AsterAid is obtained from AsterAvia. Some flight tests are executed in Reggio Emilia Airport.

Third Place Price Won in Competition of “Start-up Forum Nuove Idee Nuove Imprese”, Rimini

October 2014

AsterAvia wins the third place price of the startup competition of “Start-up Forum Nuove Idee Nuove Imprese” taking place in Rimini.

AsterAvia Exhibition at “Research to Business 2013”

June 2013

The company “AsterAvia di Melega Massimo & C. S.A.S.” exhibits at the trade show “Research to Business 2013” taking place in Bologna.

First Flight Tests in Rimini Airport

May 2013

The first flight tests of the project AsterAid demonstrator are done in Rimini Airport.

First Meeting with Advisory Board Members

April 2013

Dott. Ing. A. Cajelli, former avionics technical director of Agusta, quality and certification manager of Agusta-Westland, and Dott. Ing. L.Ferrante, former Technical Director of Aermacchi join the advisory board of project AsterAid.

First Demonstrator Tests on Ground

March 2013

The tests using the first demonstrator mounted on  a car moving on ground are done.

Foundation of “AsterAvia di Melega Massimo & C. S.A.S”

February 2013

The company “Asteravia di Melega Massimo & C. S.A.S.” is founded. Preliminary discussions with certification authorities are started. Prototypes setup solutions are studied in aircraft of Rimini Airport Aeroclub.

Honorable Mention at Business Plan Competition “Innovami Start Up 2012”

January 2013

Project AsterAid win an honorable mention at business plan competition “Innovami Start Up 2012“.

Project AsterAid Brought to Life

August 2012

The first release of the business plan of project AsterAid is produced.

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